Important notice

As of the 20th December, 2016, International Journal of Dharma Studies has ceased to accept new submissions. We invite authors whose work falls within the scope of the journal to instead submit to other Springer journals in this discipline.

Article collections

Contemplative Studies in Dharma Traditions 
Edited by Christopher Miller 
Approaching contemplative practices from various philosophical, pedagogical, and scientific perspectives, the contributions in this collection provide multiple pathways and methods for understanding, disseminating, and appreciating such practices.

Experimental Dharmas in Asia and the Diaspora
Edited by Antoinette DeNapoli
The goal of this collection concerns advancing scholarly understanding of the interrelation of tradition and innovation in contemporary Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist dharma traditions. The articles explore the ways that practitioners are experimenting with the conventional boundaries of “dharma” in order to construct new meanings and applications that align with the challenges and concerns of the 21st-century global milieu.

Buddhist Women Masters 
Edited by Karma Lekshe Tsomo
This collection documents the enlightening stories of remarkable women from a variety of cultural milieu, who mastered both the Buddhist teachings and their own lives with their unheralded contributions to world culture.


Aims and scope

This journal has been conceived as an interdisciplinary forum for evaluating the contemporary contributions of Indic religions and Dharma traditions within the context of a new and dynamic setting that acknowledges globalization and global flows of thought. The purpose is to create an intellectual space for the revitalization of discourses and conceptual categories specific to Dharma traditions, examining the re-emergence, reformulations, and engagement of these traditions within the Western cultural and theoretical context. In addition, the journal encourages the formation of a new literary and artistic space through the publication of poetry, works of fiction and art commentary.

International Journal of Dharma Studies
• investigates, presents, interprets, and envisions the shared and distinct categories of the life-worlds of the Indic Religions globally,
• in a multidisciplinary format with articles from religious studies, philosophy, ethics, cultural studies, musicology, film, contemporary issues, sociology, anthropology, and the arts,
• within a structure that maintains the rigor of conventional academic discourse, but adds methodological contextualization and investigative, epistemic, hermeneutical and evaluative perspectives from these religious and cultural traditions
• in conversation with the world’s religions and the concerns of our time.

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Partner affiliation

The publication costs for International Journal of Dharma Studies are covered by the Center for Dharma Studies at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, USA, so authors do not need to pay an article-processing charge.