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Experimental Dharmas in Asia and the Diaspora

Edited by Antoinette DeNapoli, University of Wyoming, USA
The goal of this collection concerns advancing scholarly understanding of the interrelation of tradition and innovation in contemporary Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist dharma traditions and the ways that practitioners are experimenting with the conventional boundaries of “dharma” in order to construct new meanings and applications that align with the challenges and concerns of the 21st-century global milieu.


Contemplative Studies in Dharma Traditions

Edited by Christopher Miller, University of California, Davis, USA 
Approaching contemplative practices from various philosophical, pedagogical, and scientific perspectives, the contributions in this collection provide multiple pathways and methods for understanding, disseminating, and appreciating such practices.
Collection published: 24 October 2016


Buddhist Women Masters

Edited by Karma Lekshe Tsomo, University of San Diego, USA
This collection documents the enlightening stories of remarkable women from a variety of cultural milieu, who mastered both the Buddhist teachings and their own lives with their unheralded contributions to world culture.
Collection published: 28 August 2015